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About ComNetwork

With several decades of abundant international & eCommerce business expertise, we have teamed up for the following professional business fields in the global market.


Business Fields

- ICT (Network) Business Division

- Network Video Surveillance & Security Business Division

- ITS Business Division (Traffic Enforcement)

- Software Development Division

- Conventional & Digital Marketing Division



ComNetwork Co., Ltd.

Head office : Daehyun Techno Bldg. #1206, 19 Ojeongongeop-gil, Uiwang City, Gyeonggido, 16044, Republic of Korea (South Korea)

EU office : #114, Watzenborner Weg 7, D-35394 Giessen, Germany

Direct contact for global inquiry : +82-10-7211-7914

Whatsapp contact : +49-1623-180821

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Business Registration No. 7028601244


* ComNewtork is an authorized distributor of Shieldapps computer security softwares.

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