Are you sure that your IoT devices on your network is really secure?

If you're not sure about your IoT device security, we have the solution for you!

AI-driven IoT surveillance is a genuine answer for your IoT network security with simple and easy application without knowing complicated network things.

Security threats in the era of IoT are directly connected with daily life, property, and life.

DDoS and other network security accidents, IP camera hacking and other crimes in the home, and hijacking medical devices can also threaten life.


What is AI-driven IoT surveillance exactly?

AI-driven IoT surveillance is an IoT device security surveillance, monitoring and management solution with a built-in security module on AI server, being responsible for IoT security in various smart industrial areas. Not only known vulnerabilities (CVE), unknown vulnerabilities (Zero-day) can be found in advance.

It is a brand new conceptional AI-driven IoT management solution.


Get me the examples where AI-driven IoT surveillance can be applied!

Sure! As there are numerous applicable examples, we hereby give you the most common network security diagnosis to be done by AI-driven IIoT/IoT surveillance.

Firstly you may think of Connected Cars! In the black box form, it can be mounted on the car for wireless communication area security such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth in ECU, IVI area.

Healthcare is another important part of personal security. 

AI-driven IIoT/IoT surveillance solution can be mounted on the wearable device to prevent personal health data leakage and manipulation, providing reliable healthcare service.

You can think of Smart Building as well. This will bring the improved security of home and corporate environment by installing AI-driven IIoT/IoT surveillance integrated AP module in Smart Building.

Smart communication is no exception. AI-driven IIoT/IoT surveillance can be installed in mobile communication device, enabling easy management of IoT security status from home and business.

Consequently you may reach Smart Home Security solution with AI-driven IIoT/IoT surveillance.

i.e. Home network security, Smart TV security, External Intrusion security, Smart Refrigerator security, Home CCTV security, Temperature Control Equipment security etc. etc. You name it!